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By Angela Garbes March 28, 2010

In a world of spam and endless streams of useless email, one of the highlights of my week is seeing the Ripe and Ready report land in my inbox every Saturday. Sent out by Chris Curtis, director of the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Ripe and Ready offers a sneak peek of what to expect at farmers markets in the next week.

With spring underway, the Ripe and Ready report can sometimes feel like a celebrity gossip rag for food enthusiasts, filled with thrilling sightings of elusive vegetables. Take, for example, this week's report:
First sighting: Asparagus found its way to the Alm Hill (University District) table. Leeks, rhubarb, carrots, and multiple raabs, plentiful and tasty.

Delectable Olsen Farms Bratwurst, 100% grass-fed beef sausage, ready for an early spring BBQ.

Asparagus! Barbecue! Yes please.

Along with a comprehensive list of produce and products, the report also serves as a great reminder of which holidays are approaching, offering easy ways to get prepared. (Next week: Easter. You can can get your leg of lamb, leg of goat, bone-in hams, and rack of lamb from vendors at the University District and West Seattle Farmers Markets.)

To get the Ripe and Ready report emailed to you each week, visit the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance site here.
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