Panhandler Slashes Man In Dick's Parking Lot On Capitol Hill

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 22, 2010

From our news partners at CHS:

According to the report, the man pulled into Dick's parking lot late last Sunday afternoon and walked down the street to use a nearby ATM. On his way back to his car, the man said another man approached him and started asking him for a handout and trying to block his path. The man said, "I don't got nothing for you," he told police.

As the man pushed by and opened his car door, he said he heard what sounded like the click of a folding knife opening. "I'll take all your money then," the man told police he heard the panhandler say. According to the report, the man told police the suspect then attacked him and tried to stab him 5-6 times with the knife but was not able to penetrate the man's jacket. The man said he then kicked the suspect who stumbled and slashed at the man's abdomen causing the wound. The man said the suspect then fled on foot down the alley behind Dick's. He was so upset after the attack, the man told police, he drove home before calling 911.


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