More Turnover At the City Attorney's Office

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 31, 2010


Heads continue to roll at City Attorney Pete Holmes' office. Three months after the mass-firing of a dozen city prosecutors and division heads—which resulted in the city's former criminal chief firing off a scathing letter to his colleagues, slamming Holmes as "unqualified" for his position—there appears to be more turmoil going on behind the scenes in Holmes' office.

Holmes has apparently let his own spokeswoman, Kathy Mulady, go from the city attorney's office.

A staff member who answered the phone at the City Attorney's office earlier today confirmed that Mulady is no longer working as Holmes' spokeswoman, and has been replaced with another former PI staffer, Kimberly Mills. It's not clear whether Mills will continue to work exclusively in PR or if she is being assigned other duties. Holmes could not be immediately reached for comment.

Mulady—a longtime Seattle PI staffer and all around very sweet lady—worked on Holmes' campaign against former City Attorney Tom Carr, and was offered a temporary position as Holmes' spokeswoman after volunteering on his transition team. Holmes created the spokeswoman position specifically for Mulady, as the city attorney's office had not previously employed a full-time spokesperson.

We've got a number of phone calls out and we're working to get more info. We'll post it when we do.

Update: Holmes' new Communications Director (Mulady's title was public information officer) Kimberly Mills gave us a call this afternoon. "I've been talking to Pete for a couple of months about the possibility of a job in his office," Mills told us. "[Pete] and I both have Yale connections."

Mills says she's still getting caught up on the details of what her position will entail, but that her office's goal is "to be as open and transparent as we can be."

Earlier today Mulady told Publicola she had a feeling Holmes wasn't going to keep her on permanently. “They never even gave me business cards," she said.

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