More On the University District Arsons

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 11, 2010

Seattle Fire Department investigators in looking into a possible connection between four different fires set near the same University District apartment building since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this week, two cars were set ablaze—one in the 700 block of NE 42nd and one the 4100 block of 11th Ave—causing nearly $30,000 dollars in damage. The first fire, set on 11th, was set at about 12:30am on March 8th. Almost exactly 24 hours later, another car was set on fire on NE 42nd. The blaze also did damage to a nearby duplex.

According to Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Helen Fitzpatrick, earlier this year, on January 16th, an arsonist also set fire to a car in the 4100 block of 11th Ave NE, causing $3,000 in damage.

A little over a week later, a dumpster was set alight just across an alley from the previous fire, causing $15,000 in damage.

All the fires were set between midnight and 1:00 am

Fitzpatrick would not say whether investigators believe the four fires are all related, but says all the cases are under review.

Seattle firefighters are conducting arson patrols in the University District this week and are asking neighbors not to leave out any burnable items.

Special thanks to reader John.

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