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McGinn Plans Second Housing Meeting; Still No Word on Fate of Housing Office

By Erica C. Barnett March 5, 2010

Mayor Mike McGinn will hold a second meeting of housing advocates and developers next Tuesday, March 9, at City Hall. Conspicuously not on the agenda for the meeting: Any discussion of the Office of Housing, which some advocates worry McGinn plans to eliminate, folding its responsibilities into another department (like the Office of Economic Development). Former housing director Adrienne Quinn stepped down in January.

Instead, the group—which, as at the first meeting, does not include anyone from the Office of Housing—will talk about how the city can take advantage of federal dollars aligned with transportation planning; what their role is in the creation of sustainable communities; and "what is working now and what could work better," according to an email a McGinn aide sent to participants.

McGinn has been cagey when asked whether he plans to eliminate the housing office, offering only that he wants to "find efficiencies in how we organize government."

On Monday, the council will likely adopt a resolution laying out their criteria for a new housing office director—the clear implication being, of course, that they want and expect the housing office to continue to exist.
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