Erica’s out getting her CSA this afternoon, so she sent me to my FIRST City Council Committee on the Built Environment meeting, where they were supposed to pass legislation exempting residential developers from parking requirements in "urban villages" (or so she said).

Alas, I was duped. Nothing was passed, and I was subjected to a torrent of acronym-garbage and fancy talk like I’ve never heard before, accosted in the hallway by a man trying to explain (verbosely) the "other side" of the issue I didn’t understand, and generally abused. Touché, Erica. Well played.

One plus, however: I gathered many interesting and colorful illustrations about what the council is thinking of doing, and they’re quite nice to look at if you let your eyes go slack and unfocused.

An official plea to Erica, wherever you are (probably having a great time): Help me.

Oh, hooray, she just walked in and took a look at those illustrations!

"This is great!" she exclaimed.