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City Posts Opening for Painter's Replacement

By Erica C. Barnett March 15, 2010

The city of Seattle's HR Department just sent out a memo seeking applications for a new director of the city's Human Services Department. Alan Painter, the former HSD director, was the first department director to be fired by then-mayor elect Mike McGinn, back in December.

That answers the question of whether McGinn plans to keep the Human Services Department. The search for a new HSD director also makes it less likely that McGinn will ditch City Light director Jorge Carrasco, whose reconfirmation is scheduled for 2012. McGinn has been silent on whether he plans to keep Carrasco.Still unanswered: What will become of the Office of Housing, whose functions many City Hall observers believe will be merged into other departments, such as Planning, the Office of Economic Development, and Neighborhoods? McGinn has alluded to the need to "find efficiencies in how we organize government," but has not said what that might mean for the housing office, whose director, Adrienne Quinn, left the city in January.
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