Burglars Hit Cap Hill Business Near East Precinct

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 1, 2010

Burglars hit a Capitol Hill business hard earlier this month, just down the street from SPD's East Precinct.

From CHS:

A business matching the description of 12th Ave's Capitol Hill Market appears to have been the victim in one of the biggest business burglary losses we've covered lately. And the crime went down less than 300 feet from East Precinct headquarters.

A witness saw the thief exiting the store through the busted door, knocking broken glass to the ground as he squeezed through with the cash. According to the report, the witness said the man appeared to be Asian or Hispanic, with a shaved head, wearing dark pants and a gray hooded sweat jacket.

In other news, it's not hard to find illegal activity just down the street from the East Precinct.

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