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A MusicNerd Podcast with CMYK

By Anand Balasubrahmanyan March 4, 2010

In an industrial SODO practice space, CMYK front man Ted Chen sets up a third strobe light. The strobes are all that light the room as the excitable band pogos along to their own steady club beat. They head bang and twirl, shading their technicolor robo-funk with sweat.

I am one of two audience members, we're both there to record the band, but CMYK aren't putting on a show for us, they're performing a performance. At one point Ted knocks over a microphone we're using, but in one Elvis Presley motion he catches it and thrusts his hips. “I have to practice the dancing,” he says, out of breath, “or I'd run out of breath.”


CMYK have purpose behind their stage antics. The band is made up of brother/ sister duo Ted and Silvia along with drummer Joe Patterson and guitarist Seth Thomas, but live they each boast an exuberant stage name: T-minus, Shorty Circuits, Sweet Joe Pea, and Sex Brains respectively. The play acting mimics the concerns of their club centered synth pop; what personas do we create when we're dancing for others? [Editor's note, Erica C. Barnett thinks the band should change its name to Sex Brains.]

This PubliCola podcast gets two of CMYK's high energy tracks, “Dance with Me” and “Burnin'” and the (charming) band talks about performance and opening for themselves.

Check them out tonight at the Crocodile.

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