What's With All the Cops In Mount Baker?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 17, 2010

Crimetipper John just sent us an email asking about a not-huge-but-bigger-than-average (that's what she said!) police and SFD presence over in Mount Baker:

Any insight on what is going down at McClellan and Lake Park Drive?  My folks on the street report 5+ cruisers from the South Precinct swarmed around MioPosto.  Looks like E30 responded for an aid incident  - its not a 6 or 7 per  so I'm guessing its not a shooting but perhaps an armed robbery? Any info greatly appreciated.

Well, John, it turns out it's not much of anything. According to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson, police got a call about a disturbance on a #14 bus at Mt. Baker Blvd and S McLellan at about 9:20. The original report was that an intoxicated man was arguing with the driver.

Metro transit units were unable to respond—they're probably all on tunnel duty—so SPD went to the call. When police arrived, they found the man wasn't fighting or threatening the driver.

The man then complained that his feet hurt and he taken to the hospital by medics.

Remember, if you see cop cars in your neighborhood and want to know what's up, you can always email me at [email protected] or check out or new fancy iPhone app for info.

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