What Dat Think They're Going to Get Away With Selling Counterfeit Jerseys?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 3, 2010

After several months of investigation, Seattle police have busted a NFL jersey counterfeiting ring in North Seattle.

In October, Vice Unit detectives received a complaint about counterfeit jerseys being sold on Craigslist and around Seattle stadiums. Police—working with NFL representatives to figure out whether the jerseys were in fact bogus—went undercover and purchased a jersey from their suspect.

Two months later, police arrested their suspect and found out about a larger operation, selling jerseys over a website.

Yesterday, police arrested another suspect in North Seattle, and recovered more than 900 counterfeit jerseys, including a number of which were New Orleans Saints jerseys.

Police are asking that counterfeiting charges be filed in the case.

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