The Morning Blotter: Unwanted Houseguests in South Lake Union

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 16, 2010

From the oldish-police-reports-just-released-by-SPD files:

Can a night that begins like this ever go well?

Related date/time: Feb-07-2010 1621

[Victim] invited the [suspect] and a couple other friends to come to his apartment to partake in some substance abuse and to stay the nights.

The next evening, when the victim tried to kick the suspect and his friends out of his apartment on Minor and Howell, the suspect hit him in the face and told him "if you call the cops and get me arrested I'm going to hunt you down and get you".

The victim let the group stay another night and went to a payphone and called police the following day. Police arrested the suspect and booted the rest of the unwelcome guests from the victim's apartment.

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