The Morning Blotter

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 8, 2010

A lot of stuff happened this weekend.

Starting things off, we have info on a frat house robbery, courtesy of SPD's Blotter:

On 2/6/10, at approximately 6:00 a.m., the two victims met the four suspects at a bar on “The Ave” and eventually went to the victim’s fraternity room to listen to music. 

After some time in the victim’s fraternity room, three of the suspects picked up property belonging to the victims and began to leave.  When the victims objected, two of the suspects implied that they had weapons. 

The three suspects then left the fraternity with laptop computers and items of clothing.  The fourth suspect was waiting in a vehicle outside and drove all of the suspects away from this location. 

A short time later, an officer observed a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle in the 10700 blk of Meridian N.  As he turned around, the vehicle took evasive actions, but was eventually stopped in the 10300 blk of Densmore N. 

Some of the items of stolen property were in open view inside the suspect vehicle.  The two victims were brought to the location of the stop and positively identified all four suspects. 

The four suspects were arrested and booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.

There was also an arson in Pinehurst.

An armored car guard shot a robber in Rainier Beach.

Police arrested two men for opening fire on an officer in Hillman City.

And a man was robbed while sitting in a port-o-potty in Lake City.


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