Police: Northgate Double Murder Was Drug-Related

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 3, 2010

Seattle police search warrant documents say a double murder at a Northgate townhome last month was drug-related, and that police have received information that a man who survived the robbery-tuned-double-homicide may have planned the crime.

On January 11th, police were called to the townhome in the 1400 block of Northgate Way, and found two victims, Franklin Wood and Andis Petersons, who had both been shot. Police records say Wood was in the home's kitchen and had sustained a gunshot wound to the thigh. Petersons was found in a bedroom, with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Both men were pronounced dead at Harborview a short time later.

A third man who lived in the home, who was not injured in the robbery, told police Wood had received a call from a female friend earlier in the evening, who planned to come by and purchase marijuana.

A short time after Wood received the call, the doorbell rang and, instead of the female friend, three armed men—one of whom was wearing a ski mask—forced their way into the home. The surviving victim told police one of the robbers stuck a gun in his face and held him near the front door, while the two other robbers went upstairs to the main floor of the home.

The man—who was a classmate of Wood and Petersons at Ingraham High School—told police that moments later, he "heard scuffing, then two shots," and all three robbers fled the home. The man went upstairs, found his friends had been shot and, according to police documents, called a friend, who came to the home and talked the man into calling 911.

Police arrived and immediately noticed a "strong odor of harvested marijuana" in the home. Officers found a quart-sized bag of pot near one of the victims, bundles of cash, a bag containing several handguns, and a safe, which contained more marijuana and cash, and OxyContin pills. Police records say an associate of Wood and Petersons told detectives the men were selling about a pound of pot every week.

Days after the shooting, police received an anonymous call, the third man survived the robbery attempt had planned to move out of the home but had no money, and had set up the robbery as a means to get cash. The anonymous caller told police the incident was only planned as a robbery, but that Peterson had fought back, which led to the shooting.

Police later went through Petersons' cell phone, and found texts which may connect the surviving man to one of the possible shooters.

"It seems apparent that no matter who planned this incident," detectives wrote in the search warrant, "[the] victims were targeted because of drugs and cash present at the scene."

It does not appear police have made any arrests in the case.

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