Pinehurst Gets Its Own Super Hero

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 9, 2010

Evil doers beware: Pinehurst and Lake City are apparently under the watchful eye of the Boogeyman.

At about 5:30 p.m. on February 3rd, police were called to NE 118th and 15th Ave NE after receiving reports that a tall man wearing a red hat was picking fights with people on the street.

Police arrived on scene and found the man "aggressively talking" to several people at a bus stop. A police report says the man was flailing about and "was unable to finish one topic in the conversation without changing the subject and rambling incoherently."

When officers asked the man what he was doing, he told them "that the Boogeyman had sent him to Lake City Way to mess with all the crack dealers".

The report indicates the man was wearing some sort of costume comprised of "large strips of black electrical tape and bungee cords tied around his legs" and some sort of red makeup or face paint.

Although the man told officers he was on the hunt for drug dealers in Lake City, the report says he actually went after an innocent bystander in his quest for justice.

At the scene, an employee at the nearby Pinehurst Pub told officers the man had grabbed her outside of the bar.

He was arrested for assault and booked into the King County Jail. A police report indicates he is being referred to mental health court.

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