I've recently become aware of a neat resource for independent film geeks:  IndieFlix.

IndiFlix, based in Madison Park, is a distribution company for independent films that utilizes online streaming, DVD sales, and free community screenings to increase audiences and business for little guy movies.

Movies must have screened as an official selection at a film festival, so it works as an online window into the festival world of otherwise rarely-screened films.

Their website is http://indieflix.com, and they've got thousands of titles including shorts, documentaries, and narrative features.

The next free screening—MadFlix3 (a collection of award-winning short films) is Wednesday, March 3 at 6pm in the Madison Park Starbucks.

Full disclosure: On the same day as I became aware of IndieFlix, I was offered a job there and will begin work Thursday, March 11.
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