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Extra Fizz: Q13 Jumps on Ann Corbitt Story

By Erica C. Barnett February 24, 2010

Update at 5:54 pm: And here's the story.

City sources say a reporter and cameraman from Q-13—the local FOX affiliate—was lurking outside city council chambers this afternoon, seeking comment from staffers on "the Ann Corbitt affair." The pair apparently tried to get into council offices with their camera, but were headed off at the pass by council reception.

Corbitt, 28, is a longtime aide to council member Tom Rasmussen. Today was her first day back at work after news broke in the British tabloid press about her fling with married British soccer star Ashley Cole, who has also been linked to four other women. PubliCola first reported on the story last Saturday. Earlier that day, Corbitt took down her Facebook page, which included photos of her with Cole.

Yesterday, Rasmussen looked noticeably uncomfortable when I asked him whether Corbitt had informed him in advance that she'd given a racy tell-all interview, including video, to the British tabloid News of the World. Crossing his legs tightly and clasping his hands in his lap, Rasmussen told me he had no comment. Currently, council sources say, Rasmussen's office door is closed.
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