UPDATE/Clarification: Constantine's office says the intent of his email was not to express support for any particular 520 option, but merely to say that Metro and Sound Transit should be involved in the decision-making process. Additionally, his staff says Constantine wants whichever option is best for transit. Constantine's staff adds that he has not made any decisions about which option that might be.

In a statement this afternoon, King County Executive Dow Constantine reiterated his (and the county's) support for the 520 bridge replacement option backed by the state legislature and Governor Chris Gregoire. That option, unlike the proposal released by Seattle residents, legislators, and city officials this morning, would include HOV lanes for carpools and buses, ramps through the Arboretum, and four lanes of general-purpose traffic. (It would also be around 30 feet tall). In contrast, the proposal released this morning would include dedicated lanes for high-capacity transit (first bus rapid transit, then light rail), and would be smaller and have less impact on the Arboretum.

Constantine said the county's support for the state-backed plan was "based in large part on the many transit improvements this alignment would provide, including new high-occupancy vehicle lanes on the bridge itself that could accommodate an increased flow of buses, vanpools and carpools." The proposal released today would dedicate those lanes exclusively to transit, not carpools.
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