City Attorney Fights Reinstatement of Officer Fired For Dishonesty

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 19, 2010

City Attorney Peter Holmes has appealed a public safety commission's reinstatement of a Seattle police officer who was fired for dishonesty.

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Last month, the Seattle Public Safety Civil Service Commission agreed that [Eric] Werner lied, but ruled 2-1 that his punishment was too harsh compared with other officers in similar previous cases.

Eric Werner, 31, was fired after providing false statements in an internal investigation regarding a 2007 incident in which Werner struck a suspect.

"We think that the commission overstepped its bounds by striking the termination," said Kathy Mulady, Holmes' spokeswoman.

The commission's decision also brought questions from City Councilman Tim Burgess, a former police officer and public safety committee chair.

"The problem is now it's going to be almost impossible for this individual to serve as a police officer," Burgess said last month. "His testimony is going to be challenged every single time he appears in court, and that basically puts the chief of police in an untenable situation."

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