PubliQ&A with City Attorney Pete Holmes: The Audio

By Erica C. Barnett January 15, 2010

Last night, Josh and I kicked off a new after-hours Town Hall series, called "Nightcap," with a Q&A with newly elected City Attorney Pete Holmes. (In the future, Town Hall will host Nightcaps every month or so in Town Hall's new Public House Bar after Town Hall events.)

We asked Holmes about his approach to problem bars and clubs, his decision to fire more than a dozen assistant city attorneys, his approach to marijuana prosecutions, and his criteria for picking a new police chief.

Interview, Part 1: "Rather than dictating, 'You shall sign this agreement or we'll reject your liquor license' ... That's not the approach we're taking."


Interview, Part 2: "We're not going to prosecute marijuana possession cases anymore."


Audience Q&A Part 1:


Audience Q&A Part 2:


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