Planned Parenthood rolled out their legislative agenda today with HB 2837 and SB 6452, requiring more transparency and accuracy from "crisis pregnancy centers" or—as Planned Parenthood calls them—"limited service pregnancy centers."

Sponsored by Mercer Island Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-41) and Bellevue Sen. Rodney Tom (D- Bellevue), HB 2837 and its partner SB 6452, responds to complaints that these medical centers   (which often operate as religiously affiliated non-profits rather than medical clinics), mislead patients into thinking they offer a professional slate of services (such as abortion, comprehensive birth control, and full-service medical care for pregnant women,) when in reality they are limited to free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and pressure clients not to get abortions.

The bills introduced will require the medical centers to disclose their services, (or lack thereof). Currently, according to Planned Parenthood there are over 46 of these centerrs operating in Washington State.

I have calls in to Rep. Clibborn and Sen. Tom.
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