Mayor McGinn Picks Facebook Fight with PubliCola

By Morning Fizz January 17, 2010

Last week, we reported that "Multiple sources tell PubliCola Mayor Mike McGinn has effectively suspended the work of the city’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE) until he can decide how many positions to eliminate at the office (if any) and what its new marching orders should be." That story was based on widespread rumors at city hall. We asked McGinn to confirm or deny the rumors. In a text message response to our phone call, his spokesman said he "could not shine any light" on our question.

On Friday, our report led environmental activist Stacy Noland to create a Facebook group called "Save the Office of Sustainability and the Environment."

Instead of responding to us directly, Mayor McGinn posted the following comment on the OSE Facebook page on Saturday night:

Picture 2

We stand by our reporting.

Mayor Mike McGinn talks a lot about governing with transparency and accountability, yet he doesn't talk about what he's actually doing until it's a done deal.

OSE is the latest example. His seawall initiative—first reported in Morning Fizz two days before the mayor's official announcement—is another.

Regarding personnel, we were the first to report that now-former Vulcan community relations manager, Phil Fujji, and Columbia City activist Darryl Smith would be part of McGinn's team.

We're not in the business of waiting for McGinn's press releases before we report what's going on at city hall.

It does not fit with Mayor McGinn's pledge of government transparency when he ignores our questions.

We will continue to ask them.
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