Rules Bar Crunican from Working With City

By Erica C. Barnett January 13, 2010

Outgoing Seattle Department of Transportation director Grace Crunican's new transportation consulting firm will not be able to do business with any individual or company involved with the city on matters she was involved in as transportation director, under restrictions that applies to all former city employees. The rules restricts former city employees from working on anything they worked on while at the city for two years, and from contacting their old employer on behalf of their new one for one year.

Wayne Barnett, head of the city's Ethics and Elections Commission, says the rules are intended to is intended to keep former city workers "from building something for the city and then tearing it down for someone else." For example, if Crunican played a role in obtaining a contract for a city project, she would be legally barred from working to get the contract reassigned to another company.

Barnett notes that the rules "can be quite restrictive once you reach the higher levels of a department. You have your hands in all kinds of matters." Although SDOT spokesman Rick Sheridan didn't know what sort of clients Crunican plans to pursue once she leaves the department, he said she "doesn't plan to have any city-related business" as a consultant.
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