Bikeworks Burgled

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 20, 2010

in the last few weeks, Bikeworks—a Columbia City non-profit which teaches kids to rebuild bikes—has been hit three times by burglars, who've made off with nearly 20 kids bicycles.

According to Bikeworks Executive Director Jake Beattie, the thieves hopped a fence behind Bikeworks' shop near Rainier Ave S and S Ferdinand, and tossed the bikes back over. "It’s not the first time its happened but it’s the first time of this magnitude," Beattie says.

The burglaries are a major setback to Bikeworks, which had planned to donate the bikes to other non-profits and give some of them away during an upcoming bike swap event.

In addition to the loss of the bicycles—which Beattie estimates were worth about $1,500—the non-profit has had to shell nearly $1,000 to upgrade security at their facility. Earlier this week, Bikeworks sent out an email asking for donations to help get Bikeworks cover the costs and get back on track for their swap event in May.

Dear Friends,

We are sad to report that over the last few weeks donated bikes have been stolen from the yard behind Bike Works. The stolen bicycles were destined to be put back into the community in May at this year’s Kids’ Bike Swap. We lost a large pile of bikes – an estimated $1,500 value – that have been worked on since September during our volunteer repair nights and youth Earn-a-Bike classes and drop-in hours. With the KBS now just 4 months away, this is a big setback for us.

Most of the bikes that were stolen were “adult” sized bikes for older youth. (These bikes are harder for us to collect, take longer to fix, and are worth more money.) In the next three months, we hope to build our pile of bikes back up to what it was

Any other donation (monetary or material) that can help us offset our loss.


If you're interested in helping out Bikeworks, click here.

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