Anti-Semitic Graffiti Left At the Scene of Lake Union Burglary

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 11, 2010

Police say a burglar ransacked an office building, punched holes in walls, and scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti on a wall during a break-in in Lake Union earlier this month.

Police were called to the building in the 1600 block of Dexter Ave N after the building manager and several office tenants came in to work January 2nd and found a number of large holes punched in walls throughout the building. "The suspects punched a hole through the sheet rock and unlocked the door from the inside and made entry into the office[s]," Officer Robert Cierley wrote in his report.

The burglar—or burglars—broke into at least three different offices in the building and stole various computer equipment, speakers, cameras, and pencils. Police believe the burglar pried open a side door with a crow bar to get into the building.

In a stairwell, police found anti-Semitic graffiti, which had been carved into sheet rock. "The letters SS and a swastika was left on the wall," the report says. Police aren't sure why the burglar left the scrawl on the wall as "There were no current tenants of Jewish descent [in the] building."

One building tenant told police the building had been burglarized almost exactly one year ago. Police didn't find any fingerprints at the scene.

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