Instructor at NSCC Assaulted By Amorous Man Intent on Discussing Religion

By Brian Slodysko December 10, 2009

Note: this incident occurred in late November, but the police report was released only recently.

A man brandishing a large wood stick entered a North Seattle Community College classroom and assaulted an instructor shortly before her class began on November 25th—grabbing the woman by the shoulders, pulling her over a table and kissing her on both cheeks.

What ended in an unwanted embrace began as a discussion between the man and the instructor over what a police report describes as "random religious topics." The victim, fearing for her safety, let the man prattle on, even as students began to file into the classroom. At one point the victim told the man that class was about to start, which is when the assault occurred.

The woman notified campus security who were unable to locate the amorous individual. If the man shows up in her classroom again, she was instructed to call 911.


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