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By Morning Fizz December 2, 2009


1. Matt Taibbi's recent takedown of President Obama is going to devastate the president's young liberal fans: In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the star reporter outlines exactly how Obama's White House is run by Wall Street insiders who are ripping off the middle class, rewarding the finance industry, and perpetuating the policies that led to last year's financial crisis.

But there's encouraging news for local liberals: The one Democrat Taibbi namechecks as a good guy? Sen. Maria Cantwell.

Taibbi notes:

...the decision to gut derivatives reform sent some legislators howling with disgust. Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, who estimates that as much as 90 percent of all derivatives could remain unregulated under the new rules, went so far as to say the new laws would make things worse. "Current law with its loopholes might actually be better than these loopholes," she said.

PubliCola readers will not be surprised that Sen. Cantwell gets props for speaking out against the president's economic agenda. We've been tracking Cantwell's opposition to Obama's economic policies since January.

2. Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn held the second of three town halls last night.

smithMayor-Elect Mike McGinn and his soon-to-be deputy Darryl Smith at last night's town hall.

PubliCola's Teodora Popescu reports:

Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn continued his town hall parade last night at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in the Central District. Thanks to what appears to be a coordinated effort by affordable housing acitivists who showed up in force, the discussion focused on preventing Seattle from becoming “a city where only the most affluent can live,”—as one member of the Seattle Housing Authority put it.

The activists talked about the need to support community based organizations that work on housing issues, finding a permanent residence for Nickelsville, providing unlimited broadband access—community member Jonathon Lawson called it a "civil rights issue"—and funding community medical centers.

And there were some specific staffing recommendations too. A member of the Homestead Community Land Trust told the Mayor-Elect to keep Adrienne Quinn, Mayor Greg Nickels' Director of the Office of Housing.

One community member seemed to  sum it all up with this question: “How are you going to empower us?”

3. It's fitting that the Stranger's former star crime reporter, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee (who they inexplicably let go this summer), has a post on his blog shooting holes in the thin story the paper published last week about the search for the Greenwood arsonist.

We'll let Jonah explain, but basically, The Stranger sounds like George Bush, editorializing that the SPD should arrest people without due process.

Yesterday, Jonah had the latest news on the accused arsonist.

4. In case you missed it, we've got an exclusive election map (for news nerds only) highlighting how all of Seattle's precincts voted in the mayor's race.

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