Two Students Assaulted in Separate Robbery Attempts on Beacon Hill

By Brian Slodysko December 9, 2009

In two separate incidents, two students walking through the Beacon Hill neighborhood, were assaulted during robbery attempts on Tuesday, December 1st.

Police believe the incidents may be related.

Around 2:45 p.m. two men approached a male victim, after they split off from a larger group of males, near the corner of 19th Ave. S. and S. McClellan St. One of the male suspects asked if he could borrow the victim's cellphone. When the victim replied that he didn't have a cellphone, one of the suspects demanded the victim's wallet. When the victim did not comply, the suspect repeatedly punched the victim in the face and torso. Eventually the suspects, who never did get the victim's wallet, let him go. He told police he was concerned the suspects may retaliate.  

Later, around 3:00 p.m., a male victim was robbed of his cellphone after got off the light rail line at the Beacon Hill station. As he walked south near the Beacon Hill Public Library, he was approached by a male suspect who asked to use his cell phone. The victim complied, and as the man dialed a number, a cellphone in his backpack began to ring. Holding the phone to his ear, the suspect hit the victim in the collar bone and fled the scene traveling northeast.


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