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By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 28, 2009

Teen Attacked, Mailman Saves the Day: A 13 year-old boy was walking home for a Metro bus stop near 18th Ave S and S Hinds Street on December 9th when when two young men—about 16 or 17 years old, a police report says—walked up to him and asked to use his cell phone  phone. According to the report—which was released by police last week—the young boy handed the phone over to one of the other boys, who quickly made a call and hung up.  Suddenly, one of the other boys punched him in the face, cutting his lip and knocking a tooth loose. A US Postal employee working in the area spotted the incident and yelled at the two boys, who fled. Police interviewed the victim, who told police he'd tried to tell the other boys he didn't have a phone. But as he was talking to them, his phone fell out of his pocket. The victim was taken home and, the report says, apparently needed to be taken to the hospital and have a wound sutured. Police later went to an apartment on 46th and South Henderson and spoke with one of the boys believed to be involved in the robbery, but didn't make an arrest.

Here's a bunch of good stuff you might've missed last week:

The Horror:  Charging documents detail horrific murder scene at Beacon Hill home.

The Insane Boyz: Authorities bust up South Seattle burglary gang.

Season's Beatings: Tim Burgess's war on panhandlers has found its posterchild.

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