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By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 8, 2009

The Center/Lower Queen Anne: An alarm at the Seattle Center Center House was triggered sometime between the late evening hours of November 30th and the morning of December 1st after, a police report says, two people broke into the Center House, got drunk, and ate a bunch of baked goods. A police report says officers found a half-consumed bottle of vodka and half-eaten muffin at the scene the next day, and staff at a cafe told police that a food case had been opened using staff keys, which, the report says, are usually hidden. The report notes than an ex-employee, who was let go in September,  may be involved in the break in. "The suspects thought that they had disarmed the alarm system prior to their alcohol binge," Officer Stephan Auralaid wrote in his report. Police were able to attain video of their suspects inside the Center House, and staff said they may be able to identify the culprits.

Explicit Content: Supreme Court debating how specific officers need to be during Miranda warnings.

"My Brother Had Tire Tracks on His Chest:" Family of man killed by driver in Belltown lashes out in court.

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