RE: Pizzaheist

By Brian Slodysko December 16, 2009

In the comments thread to our recent post about the pizza delivery driver who was robbed (twice by the same residence!) delivering late night munchies, SeattleCrime reader "Map" offers some good advice below the jump. Delivery drivers, take heed lest you fall.





Two 'classic' crime set-ups for pizza drivers to beware of:


Pizza is ordered to an address than doesn't exist or that exists at a house no longer occupied / foreclosed. Ideal is if the house number's obscured. Driver gets out to see if they can get more info on address, from say, the mailbox next to the door... but gets jumped when coming up the steps.


group of criminals hides on street where they know driver can't see well / has to go slow. Criminal #1 runs outta nowhere in front of car or next to it on passenger side, and slaps the front of the car and then falls, pretending to be hurt. Driver gets out while #1 plays possum. Criminals 2, 3, and 4 jump driver when he offers first aid.


Anytime the customer asks for change for a large bill. Just say no / 'credit card, please'.


Note pinned to door that says "come around back" at nighttime.

Pack a taser or pepper spray.

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