R-71 Vote Shows Democratic Opportunity in 'Burbs

By Josh Feit December 2, 2009

Continuing our color-coded guide to the results of November's election, today we've got the pretty predictable local results to R-71, the measure upholding domestic partner rights. (Yesterday, we did the mayor's race.)

Strong support for gay rights in the city, solid support in the east and southwest Seattle suburbs, and opposition as you move to the southeast 'burbs and rural areas.

There is an island of support (60 to 69 percent yes) floating in a sea of waning support north of Issaquah, in the Sammamish Plateau. This is good news for Democrats. This is the state's 5th legislative district (currently represented in Olympia by three Republicans).

As the Microsoft suburbs expand into the 5th District, it's clearly getting more liberal, which could explain 5th district Republican state Sen. Cheryl Pflug's vote for gay rights last session.

(The two reps from the 5th, Jay Rodne and Glenn Anderson, however, voted no. Perhaps the Democrats should look into that.)

Red: 90% for R-71 and above
Orange: 80% - 89%
Yellow: 70% - 79%
Light Green: 60% -69%
Dark Green: 50% - 59%
Light Blue: 40% - 49%
Dark Blue: 39% or below


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