Open Season on Shoplifters in South Seattle

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 8, 2009

A South Seattle corner store employee opened fire on a shoplifter during a foot chase last month, according to a police report recently released by SPD.

On November 29th, an employee at a store in the 6800 block of Rainier Avenue South watched a man walk into the store and begin pawing at different items on the shelves. Eventually, the man made his way towards a beer cooler in the back of the store and began handling the beers, the report says.

The employee watched the shoplifter grab a case of Corona, walk towards the front of the store and out the door. The employee ran after the man, chasing him through the parking lot, and yelled for him to stop.

According to the report, the employee saw the man reach inside his wasitband and thought he was going for a weapon. The employee fired one shot at the shoplifter, who finally dropped the beer and took off. The report says the man may have gotten into a copper colored Ford Taurus parked nearby.

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