McGinn's Victory Map

By Josh Feit December 1, 2009

King County Elections has released the precinct-by-precinct breakdown of this month's election, and we've put together a handy map highlighting Mike McGinn's 51.14 to 47.65 victory.

Red: McGinn gets 70% or above
Orange: 60% to 69%
Yellow: 50% to 59%
Green: 40% to 49%
Light Blue: 30% to 39%
Blue: 29% or below

McGinn's election looks like the classic liberal win in Seattle (see Greg Nickels vs. Mark Sidran in 2001). McGinn won big in Capitol Hill, the U. District, and Wallingford while his opponent Joe Mallahan, perceived as the conservative candidate in Seattle, won in the fancier outlying neighborhoods.

The prize possession—Southeast Seattle—where Nickels beat both McGinn and Mallhan in the primary, looks to have been divvied up between the two candidates, but McGinn has the advantage by cleaning up around Columbia City while holding even or doing slightly better in the rest of the the south.

In North Seattle, McGinn wins the core liberal Northwest neighborhoods while Mallahan held his own in the Northeast neighborhoods.


Map done by John Wyble at WinPower.

If you want to nerd out with an interactive version of the map—go here.
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