Man Charged for Threatening to Blow Up National Guard Facility

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 9, 2009

One month after a gunman went on a rampage at an army base Texas—killing 13 people and wounding another 30—King County prosecutors have filed charges against a National Guardsman in Seattle after he allegedly made threats to carry out an attack on a military facility in Magnolia.

Court documents allege 37-year-old Timothy Pikes told fellow guardsmen he "blow up the whole unit building" at a National Guard facility located at 1601 W Armory Way. 

Records say that on December 4th, Pikes was with another National Guardsmen when he mentioned that he wanted to show up to a drill scheduled for the next day and kill soldiers. Pikes allegedly told the guardsmen he was going to "come back and blow this motherfucker up." Court records say National Guard was already in the process of discharging Pikes after he tested positive for drugs and failed to show up for deployment to Iraq.

The next day, the guardsmen passed information about the threats to his commanders, who called police. Officers interviewed several guardsmen, who told police they "believed Pikes was crazy and they were afraid of him," court records say, and that Pikes also wanted to "shoot up a Catholic church."

Police arrested Pikes at his South Seattle home, where he told officers the threats were the "result of a miscommunication."

According to prosecutors, this wasn't the first time Pikes had made threats about going on a rampage at the base.

Exactly one year earlier, court records say, Pikes made similar threats to a sergeant after he was asked to turn in his weapons because of "legal troubles." Pikes allegedly told the sergeant that he had thought about "killing and shooting people and running them down" at the National Guard facility.

Court records say Pikes has two prior convictions for drugs, and has been booked into jail four times since 2004 on two warrants.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to raise Pikes' bail to $500,000. His arraignment is scheduled for December 22nd.

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