Lisa Brenton Speaks

By Brian Slodysko December 14, 2009

Immediately following Christopher Monfort's arraignment, Lisa Brenton, the wife of slain police officer Timothy Brenton, delivered a public statement to reporters gathered in the prosecutor's office. She spoke of her of solidarity with the families of the four slain Lakewood police officers, of walking into the courtroom this morning "with her head held high," and of Officer Brenton's belief in the difference between right and wrong. It was emotional. My father is a police officer in another town, and so maybe that's why it hit home.  Maybe it's because when she spoke of Officer Brenton's convictions and morality, it reminded me of lessons my father emphasized as I was growing up (still working on it, Dad). 

A written copy of her remarks are below. Understand it lacks weight the words carried when they were delivered by a recently- widowed woman, who took to a podium to publicly grieve before pursed-lipped reporters.     

People who know me would never describe me as helpless.  However, over the last month that is how have I felt – not only helpless but afraid, confused and scared.  In fact, today it was originally planned that I was to attempt to avoid all of you, but this morning I woke up and changed my mind.  I called Officer Ehring and explained to him that I wanted to walk into court with my head held high and that I was tired of being afraid and feeling helpless.

Last week I went to a gathering after the memorial for the fallen four officers in Lakewood.  I wanted to pay my respects and also attempt to thank people personally for coming to our aid.  What I came away with after that night was a feeling of courage and humility.  I again was overwhelmed with a sense of strength and support these officers had, not only for the fallen families but also for themselves.  From the family of the one to the families of the four, these deaths are not going to be tolerated.

My husband is not here anymore to protect and defend his family.  However, we the Brenton family along with his fellow police and fire department families are here to protect and defend his memory.

I can describe my husband in two words, humble integrity.  He lived life with a quiet strength, a swift sense of humor and a strong sense of right and wrong.  For this reason we have chosen to continue to represent him in the most honorable ways that we know.  We will continue to draw strength from the public and from the immense and endless strength of his law enforcement brethren with the same sense of honesty and quiet intelligence that he always maintained.

Again, we the Brenton family are here to represent Officer Tim Brenton, who more importantly was my husband and the father of my children, Kayleigh and Quinn.  We are here in his death with strength and courage while maintaining at all times his humble integrity.

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