THEESatisfaction "Snow Motion"

Trying to pick your favorite THEESatisfaction song of 2009 is a difficult task. It's almost like having to pick your favorite offspring. The female hip-hop duo matured right before the very eyes of Seattle's music community, seemingly one show at a time. With each gig, THEESatisfaction got weirder and more outer galaxy, but they also gained the confidence to recognize that their singular approach to lo-fi lesbian hip-hop is exactly what Seattle needed.


Throughout 2009 they rocked a variety of venues from punk rock dives like the Funhouse to performing on stage at the KEXP BBQ and Bumbershoot. Along the way, they gained the affection of many, including us here at the 'Cola, not just because they're one of a small number of female rappers making noise in Seattle, but because they're resoundingly good.

They've released a handful of singles this year and dropped a free mixtape titled Snow Motion back in the fall. Just last week they put out a Christmas on the Moon EP for the hell of it under the guise Black Power Arrangers, starring THEESatis, Chocolate Chuck, and producer O.C. Notes.

With all of that hitting the streets and tweets in 2009, if I had to choose my favorite song of theirs, it would have to be the short-but-sweet "Snow Motion (For Tyrone)." It was written in honor of Seattle promoter Tyrone Love who was shot and killed in the Central District in February of 2009 and speaks to the reality and prevelance of violence on the streets of the C.D. Despite the song's brevity, it is powerful.

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