House Democrats: No New Taxes = "Serious Long-Term Damage"

By Josh Feit December 4, 2009

State House Democratic spokeswoman Melinda McCrady says state House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43) is  "open" to new taxes as a way to deal with the $2.6 billion shortfall—which just got worse because the portion of the budget that's available for cutting back is even smaller than first imagined.)

McCrady tells PubliCola: "The speaker agrees with the governor [about finding new revenue] because  it just isn't possible [to balance the budget] without causing serious long-term damage to the state."

And Chopp has issued this statement:

Revenue is part of the equation to get all of us a fair shake, not just those on Wall Street.

So, there you have it.

Although, I must say ... Wall Street?
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