Extra Fizz: City Light to Get $800K in Enron Settlement

By Erica C. Barnett December 1, 2009

Niki Reading at the Capitol Record (TVW's state-funded, and consistently awesome, blog) reports that the state of Washington will receive $9 million to benefit "victims (rate payers, that is) of the 'energy crisis' Enron manufactured earlier this decade to bilk consumers."

Seattle's share of that settlement: $793,539.54.

You won't actually see any of that money directly, however, unless you get city-funded assistance paying your electric bills: According to the terms of the settlement, City Light Director Jorge Carrasco announced this morning, the windfall will fund two City Light programs that help people struggling to pay their electric bills.

The first, Emergency Low-Income Assistance (ELIA), pays up to 50 percent of a tenant or homeowner's bill, to a maximum of $200 a year; the second, Project Share, pays up to $500 a year.
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