Extra Buzz, er Fizz: Rep. Dickerson Marijuana Bill Getting Attention

By Josh Feit December 17, 2009

Seattle State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson's (D-36) bill to legalize marijuana (aimed at creating sales tax revenue for drug treatment programs) got noticed by the California press corps where there's a similar, but apparently, less potent bill.

The article mostly gives the microphone to one of Rep. Dickerson's co-sponsors, east side Seattle Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45) who tells California's Capitol Weekly:

“Decriminalization is a step in the right direction,” Goodman said. “We’re still punishing people, but were punishing them less. But meanwhile the illegal market thrives.”

Goodman said he thinks his bill may have a better chance—though it will also have to survive a trip through a public safety committee, this one chaired by a law-and-order legislator who doesn’t want to let it out. He said that polls show support for marijuana legalization in Washington is in the high 50s, similar to California.

Thanks Washbucket.
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