DJ Swervewon Releases Go! Machine Mixtape

By Jonathan Cunningham December 4, 2009

For those who don't already know, Go! Machine, the highly touted two night local hip-hop extravaganza is kicking off tonight at the Crocodile. Some of the city's most talented rap artists will be performing this evening and tomorrow night.

Go! Machine is basically as a giant thank you to Seattle's hip-hop community for having such a stellar year. It's a swell idea and the Out For Stardom kids (Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso/Kerri Herrop, etc.,) should be proud of themselves for organizing all of this.

There have been a variety of viral marketing ads for the event and lots of print, but perhaps the best promo for the two-day concert comes from DJ Swervewon who just posted a downloadable mix of all the artists performing over the next two days.

mixtThere are some newer contributions from artists like Champagne Champagne and Grynch, and a few older tunes from Spaceman and They Live!

Just about everything on here is fire—although the Mad Rad track is notably meh, but regardless, downloading this mixtape will bring you up to speed on what you need to know. Even if you can recite all of these songs by heart, Swervewon does a good job of mixing and blending everything with his signature touch.

Swerveone's mix makes me think someone needs to come up with a greatest local hip hop hits of 2009 CD  before the end of the year. This one isn't it, but it inspires the thought.
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