Classic Cola: The Fizz

By Josh Feit December 22, 2009

Next month marks PubliCola’s one-year anniversary. Throughout December, we’ve been re-posting our favorite Cola articles from our first 12 months.

(Apologies to those who don’t like the reprints, but we’ve got thousands of new readers these days who haven’t seen some of our greatest hits. December, in fact, has been a record month for us, hitting over 10,000 unique visitors one day last week.)

Yesterday, we re-posted Anand's (aka MusicNerd's) 3000-word feature on local hip hop artist GMK.

Today, you can click on the pop top and review a year's worth of Morning Fizz.


Your morning fix debuted on January 29 (10 days into this experiment) when among other things, the Fizz asked:

2. Does Sierra Club leader Michael McGinn have an announcement to make?

There's a lot to go through, although for some reason I'm getting a big kick out of this one from a report on a May 5th debate between the Democratic candidates for King County Executive:
I'll file a longer report on this later today focusing on the highlights in my notebook. I will say none of my recommended "Four Questions" from yesterday's Morning Fizz were asked or answered.

In the meantime, one conclusion I did draw is this: Larry Phillips looks like Barry Bostwick, the guy who played Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but more recently, and what I'm thinking of, is Mayor Randall Winston from the TV show Spin City.


And Constantine looks like a character from another 90s show, Mulder from the X-Files.


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