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By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 10, 2009

Just trying something new out. We'll see if police reports allow us to do this on a regular basis.

Smashing Pumpkin: A man called police on November 2nd and reported he'd been assaulted on Halloween at University Way NE and NE 50th Street. The man told police that he had been participating in the Pumpkin Run—a nude run down the Ave in which participants are only wearing pumpkins on their heads—when a bystander hurled an insult at him. Moments later, the man says he was struck in the back, possibly by a skateboard. The man said he would be unable to identify his assailant as the pumpkin on his head had obscured his vision.

Kids Are Jerks:  Police are on the lookout for a gang of four high school boys who've been robbing students near a school in South Seattle. According to a report, the group hangs out near their campus—the report does not say which school—harassing and "pocket checking" students, walking up to them reaching in to their pockets, and taking whatever they can find. Members of the group have threatened their victims, telling them that they "carry guns and will shoot whoever resists," a report says.

Man Bites Log: A man was taken to Swedish Medical Center in Ballard last week after he was attacked by another man wielding a log at the Ballard Locks. When police met the man to take a statment, "blood was dripping off of ' face, and his clothes were drenched with blood," a report says.

Gorillas are Jerks, Too: While out celebrating Halloween, a man was robbed on Broadway by someone dressed in a gorilla suit. The gorilla-suited individual ran past the man and snatched his bag off his shoulder, making off with the man's car keys and little else.

War of the Wheels: Two cyclists called police last week after they had a run in with a driver in Queen Anne. According to a report, both men were riding east on Nickerson Street near Seattle Pacific University when a woman in a BMW drove into their path. Both men had to swerve and brake hard to avoid the vehicle. The driver, according to the report, then "lunged forward at least twice, threatening to hit" one of the cyclists. One of the riders yelled at the driver, and tried to go around the car. The driver sped past him, striking his back wheel, damaging his bike. The man later provided officers with the possible name of the driver, and said that the driver's father had recently purchased her a new BMW after she had wrecked her last one.

One Really Shitty Day: At about 6:00 p.m. on Halloween, a wheelchair-bound woman was robbed at gunpoint by two men in Greenwood. According to the report, the woman was crossing the street at Fremont Ave N. and N. 90th when she dropped a bag of cash on the ground. A car pulled up and stopped in the middle of the road next to her, and a man climbed out of the passenger seat carrying a handgun. The man picked up the woman's money—$425, the report says—and told her not to follow him. Police were unable to find the vehicle in the area. An officer followed the woman as she rolled home, but had to call in medics when she tipped over in her chair near Aurora. The woman's husband finally showed up and helped her get home.


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