When PubliCola arrived at the Mike McGinn party at the War Room, a lot of the crowd had already dispersed--apparently McGinn sent them all out on a last minute vote-getting manhunt.

But McGinn himself was still there, looking tired and sitting on a bench up on the War Room's cold patio, holding a glass of ice in his right hand and talking with volunteers about the latest numbers.

"It feels good to be up a little bit on election night," McGinn told me. "We hope the trend continues. It's in the voters' hands now." McGinn said he rode his bike to UW's Red Square this morning to do some election-day canvassing.

McGinn didn't ride his bike to the party, though. "We rode down in the minivan," he said.

Downstairs, the scene was a little quieter. In the bright main room, supporters absently watched the vote tallies (a couple of whistles went up when the PubliCola homepage was refreshed) and a few of McGinn's hipper-looking supporters stood in a circle, tweeting updates. The Clash played quietly over the speakers.
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