PubliCola Comment of the Day Goes To...

By Josh Feit November 10, 2009

Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of insightful comments today, particularly on Erica's post about the names we're hearing as potential Mayor Mike McGinn appointees

(And I'll give a nod to comment #29 in particular on that thread.)

But we got an email today from someone who was at McGinn's victory announcement who told this evocative anecdote:

One of the most telling moments was when I was outside, with my lap top, hitting refresh on the Elections website. Standing next to me was a tall, handsome well dressed guy who was very interested in the numbers. I didn't notice it at first but he was executive protection, City Hall's version of the Secret Service. I asked him when he officially kicked into action, and he said "as soon as there is a concession." Michael has really stepped into a new world.

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