Our Election Predictions

By Josh Feit November 2, 2009

These are not our endorsements. Those are here. These are our predictions.



Josh says it loses.

Erica says it loses.


Josh says it wins comfortably.

Erica says it wins.

King County Executive

Josh says Dow Constantine wins.

Erica says Dow Constantine wins big.

County Assessor

Josh says Bob Rosenberger wins.

Erica says Bob Rosenberger wins.

Port Commission Pos. #3

Josh says Rob Holland wins.

Erica says Rob Holland wins big.

Port Commission Pos. # 4

Josh says Tom Albro wins.

Erica says Max Vekich Wins.


Josh says Mike McGinn wins it*

Erica says Joe Mallahan wins.

City Attorney

Josh says Pete Holmes wins.

Erica says Pete Holmes wins.

City Council Pos. #2

Josh says Richard Conlin.

Erica says, "Boring." Richard Conlin wins.

City Council Pos. #4

Josh  says Sally Bagshaw wins.

Erica says Sally Bagshaw wins.

City Council Pos. #6

Josh says Nick Licata wins.

Erica says Nick Licata wins.

City Council Pos. #8

Josh says Robert Rosencrantz wins.

Erica says Mike O'Brien wins.

Proposition #1, Seattle Low Income Housing Levy

Josh says it wins.

Erica says it wins.

Seattle School Board Pos. #5

Josh says Kay Smith-Blum wins.

Erica says Kay Smith-Blum wins.

Seattle School Board, Pos. #7

Josh says Wilson Chin wins.

Erica says Betty Patu wins.

*You don't believe me, but remember, I'm the only one who predicted Nickels would lose the primary and Mallahan and McGinn would go through.

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