King County: "Abe Lincoln ... Wouldn't Win"

By Josh Feit November 4, 2009

The has a good write up on Washington State Republican Party Chair Luke Esser's conference call with reporters this morning re: Last night's election.

Esser laments the plight of Republicans in King County, quipping that even Abraham Lincoln (the R's most famous president) couldn't win here.


Probably true. But given that Esser made the remarks in the context of "nonpartisan" Susan Hutchison's loss, it seemed odd that he blamed the loss on her Republican status and her opponent King County Council Member Dow Constantine's Democratic status.

Interestingly, the Hutchison campaign's strategy—the classic Turn-your-opponent's-strength-into-a-weakness gameplan—was to hype Constantine's Democratic status, playing up his partisanship, while casting Hutchison as a unifier.

Given the current numbers in the Constantine vs. Hutchison contest , 57 to 42.7, and Esser's glum comments—"[King County's] a tough nut to crack"—the plan seems to have backfired.
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