It Isn't Really a Reading or a Lecture

By Chris Kissel November 25, 2009


1. There's only one reading/lecture for the next couple of days, and it isn't really a reading or a lecture, but more of a battle royale—the Hugo House is putting on a Haiku contest this evening. The event, according to the Hugo House, features a poet named "Blair."

If they're talking about this guy, he's a pretty run-of-the-mill poetry slammer.

But the "Haiku D'etat" should be fun.

Only $5/Tonight at 8 pm sharp/At the Hugo House.

2. The Dutchess and the Duke are a couple of shaggy hipsters who play jangly, lo-fi pop tunes. Sure, it's been done, but D & the D have a handful of great tunes, and their country-leanings are perfect for a beer at the Tractor on Thanksgiving Eve.


Tonight at the Tractor Tavern, at 9:30. Tickets are $12.

3. There are pretty much no neighborhood meetings or community gatherings, as far as I can tell.

Sounds like a good evening to go to a movie. A Serious Man, the Coen Brothers' latest, is supposed to be hilarious, in that subtle Coen Brothers kind of way, and it's the only film they've made so far that deals explicitly with their own personal baggage (the main character is apparently based on their father).

Re: Baggage: You could go see Precious, about a girl who grows up poor, illiterate, and in an abusive household in Harlem. It's getting great reviews, and causing  a fair amount of controversy.

I'm going to see one of these tonight, I just haven't decided which one yet.

A Serious Man is playing at the Metro and the Majestic Bay. Precious is playing at the Harvard Exit.

4. Two ways to battle the gluttony/tryptophan-induced malaise of Thanksgiving:

First: The Finish Line, a carpentry company, and Real Change, the homeless newspaper and advocacy group, will be standing outside of City Hall tomorrow afternoon for their "Homeless Gear Giveaway" handing out clothing, sleeping bags, and food to the homeless.

I can't think of a better way to justify a holiday spent overfeeding yourself than spending a couple hours in the cold, handing out blankets.  Or at least bring a blanket down to one of their drop-off locations.

Noon to 2 pm tomorrow afternoon, at City Hall.

And Second: Vegan Thanksgiving. Why not? I'm not a vegan, but for some reason I always get really excited for things like seitan and field roast and omelets made out of tofu and chemicals.

Of course, you should look at FoodNerd's recipe recommendations, particularly for the gnocchi and root vegetables, before you do anything.

But for those who are food-stupid, or just have no idea about vegan food, there's a whole list of options here, including spots all over the city, and enough stuffed tofurkey loaves and mushroom gravies to initiate special, vegan food comas all of their own.
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