Ground vs. Air War

By Morning Fizz November 5, 2009


1. The Seattle Times has the news on newly-elected  King County Executive Dow Constantine's transition team. (Constantine takes  office on November 24, immediately after the election is certified—replacing interim executive Kurt Triplett.)

The Times reports that Constantine's team will include state Sen. Fred Jarrett (D-41, Mercer Island), International District affordable-housing advocate Hyeok Kim, Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, and campaign consultant Christian Sinderman.

Jarrett, a conservative Democrat who ran against Constantine in the August 18th county executive primary and Kim, executive director of InterIm Community Development Agency, will co-chair the team.

Ceis, who before being deputy mayor was former executive Ron Sims' deputy in the county executive's office, will  fulfill Constantine's pledge to bring new blood and reform. Kidding.

2. Two hot art tips: 1) We already told you about this one, but it's worth a reminder—tonight, art gang Sutton Beres Culler is debuting their new show at the Lawrimore Project and 2) Tomorrow night, Seattle Art Musuem is being taken over by DJ's (including DJ Riz Rollins), poets, dancers,  performance artists, cellists, and a yodeling dominatrix during SAM Remix.

3. The SPD has the details on tomorrow's public memorial service for slain officer Timothy Brenton.

4. Please consider the battle for late votes in the neck-and-neck mayor's race (Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn are separated by 462 votes) as the ground vs. air war.

Mallahan, who raised  $688,559 to McGinn's $203,627 was able to flood the air waves with anti-McGinn spots, while McGinn has relied on a zealous volunteer campaign team to get out the vote.

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