Extra Fizz: Conlin Responds to O'Brien Video

By Erica C. Barnett November 16, 2009

Last week, we asked city council member-elect Mike O'Brien to pick any candidate from this year's election and deliver his or her stump speech. (After participating in dozens of campaign forums, we figured O'Brien would be as familiar with other candidates' stump speeches as his own). O'Brien picked Richard Conlin, outing the council president's upcoming proposal* to make cows legal in Seattle backyards.

Here's Conlin's response to O'Brien, which Conlin cc'd us on this morning:


Thanks for the message.  I enjoyed the video very much!  It was much more fun than the one my opponent did on me in the 2005 election.

My only concern was your discussion of the cow legislation.  As you hopefully remember, I mentioned this to you during the campaign, and I appreciated your interest in co-sponsoring it, but I need to apologize to you for not getting back to you earlier about developments.

One of the entertaining things about passing complex land use legislation is that 50 page ordinances are not read closely by many people.  So I wanted to let you know that I was able to slip a repeal of the regulation prohibiting farm animals in single family zones into the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) bill that was passed on November 2.  We also expanded the ADU definition to include housing for animals (we jokingly refer to them as ‘ABU’s – Accessory Barn Units).

We’d been planning to put out a news release, but since this wasn’t covered in the SEPA analysis, we wanted to wait the 14 days until the SEPA appeal period expired.  It’s kind of fun to sidestep the Seattle process!

So, 14 days ends today, so thanks for surfacing the issue!

* Editor's note: Not really.
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